Exodus 30 & 31

Sometimes I struggle to see what God is trying to reveal through certain parts of His Word. Typically, this means I must read the verses or chapters several times. In addition, I dig a little deeper for context. This helps me make sure I understand the what and why the author was trying to convey through their writing.

I confess, Exodus chapters 30 and 31 are chapters I’ve struggled to understand.

In chapter 30, the Lord is providing specifics for these things: Building an altar for the burning of incense, payment as a ransom for each person’s life, a basin for washing, a recipe for anointing oil, and He provides what elements are to be used for the incense that should burn on the altar.

In chapter 31, the Lord lays out specific details that usher in the Sabbath.

What’s the point of all the tiny details and specific instructions? How does this apply to our life?

What if it’s not about us at all? What if these chapters teach us something or many things about God? 

We serve a God who cares about the details. He cares about the specifics. He’s a God who provides instructions when He gives us a task. He’s a God who cares enough to make a plan that will cover our sins—in Exodus and under the law for a period, but through Jesus it’s a permanent covering for anyone who believes.

He’s a God who cares and goes the distance to be with His people.


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