Exodus 40

Read Exodus 40.

The precision to which Moses and the Israelites followed in obedience as they prepared the tabernacle is incredible. They did as the Lord commanded down to the tiniest of details. As we’ve seen, this wasn’t always the case for God’s people. More often than not, they would end up floundering in disobedience and frustration, consistently tangled up in sin, often feeling the consequences of their choices to stray from their Creator. This instance is different. This instance shows God’s approval. It also gives a clear picture of how God dwelt among His people and led them in the ways they should go, how he set them apart from other nations. I always find it fascinating to think about how God’s glory was evident in the cloud by day and fire by night…so that the people always had a clear view of where God was leading.

When I teach on these Scriptural accounts, the most common comment I get from older kids is, “What?! They could actually see where God wanted them to go? I wish it was that easy for us.” But the beauty of it is that He’s also provided us with clear guidance. We sometimes like to complicate it and get ourselves in a tizzy, in turn excusing ourselves for our missteps and disobedient choices. Ultimately, God is clear in how we should live. He’s clear that we should be meditating on His Word, making disciples, and glorifying His name. He may not always provide crystal clear answers as to where exactly to camp out like He did for the Israelites, but He does guide us through His Word and Spirit as to how we should live for Him. He dwells with us and desires for us to dwell with Him, growing in deeper communion daily.

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