Numbers 16-17

Read Numbers 16-17

When I was in 6th grade, I tried out for the middle school basketball team. I worked hard the weeks leading up to tryouts and pushed myself even harder when the day came to impress the coaches. 

When the team roster was published, my name wasn’t there. I was devastated and became bitter about it. I remember one young man I just couldn’t believe made that team over me. 

I was faster. I made more baskets. I was the entire package—at least, in my mind. Soon, I voiced my thoughts to those around me and others started to share my way of thinking, because why? I swayed their way of thinking about him so I wouldn’t be alone in my jealousy-stricken mindset. 

Reading through Numbers 16 and 17, “jealousy” is the word that keeps coming to mind. There’s grumbling again amongst the people. This time, Korah has started a rebellion. In fact, he, along with Dathan and Abiram have swayed the thinking of 250 other leaders accusing Moses of pride and deceit. They even reject his authority overall. 

He’s jealous, upset, and angry just like I was at the coach who didn’t put me on the team instead of the boy I thought I was better than.

Take a moment to read through Numbers 16 and 17. Notice how Moses handles himself. Notice the way God carries out judgement. 

We can read the text several times over and see different lessons within it, but for today, I want to ask this: 

Are we like Korah, Dathan, and Abiram?

Do we struggle with jealousy, or are we so unhappy with our current situation that we undermine the authority or rally the troops against the leaders God has placed in specific roles to fulfill His plan? 

Jealousy comes when we take our eyes off the Lord. We forget who He is and who we are in Him. 

He’s in control—even if we don’t make the team or like Korah we don’t always agree with our leaders, we can trust God. 

He’s for us. 

I want to challenge you today to let God search you and to keep your focus on Him. 


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