Joshua 5:10-15, 6

Read Joshua 5:10-15, 6.

This past weekend marked Rivalry Week in college football. Kentucky or Louisville? Alabama or Auburn? Florida or Florida State? Ohio State or Michigan? Oklahoma or Oklahoma State? Whose side are you on? Sports aren’t the only arena that raise that question. We’re experts at dividing ourselves up and then asking who’s on which side. We do it with fun things and far more serious matters because it seems easier to sort people. The problem, as Joshua learns, is that we aren’t always the best ones to do the sorting because we often aren’t even asking the right questions.

When Joshua saw the man standing before him, his inclination was to ask, “Are you for us, or for our adversaries?” Whose side are you on? The choices seemed clear to Joshua, but the commander of the Lord’s army didn’t play along. His answer is jarring, “No; but I am the commander of the army of the Lord.” The salvation of Rahab and her family in Joshua 6 shows us once again that God doesn’t sort people according to our standards. So maybe we shouldn’t be so quick to make judgments either. Maybe we shouldn’t be so swift to sort people as good or bad. Maybe doing so risks missing what God is doing in the world, maybe even through those we would consider our adversaries.

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