Joshua 7-8

Read Joshua 7-8.

There are many qualities that we see brought to the surface during the holiday season.  Some of these, compassion or love or generosity, are great things to see that inspire others to better action.  But we also see other attributes rise up, especially if you are a parent, that are not so desirable.  There is nothing like seeing Christmas Day on the calendar that can bring out the impatience in your kids.  But we can all admit that impatience is not just a quality of youthfulness.  We all struggle with it at times.  At the core of impatience is a battle in our hearts with trust in and dependence on God. Here is what I mean.

In Joshua 7-8, we see the consequences of one family’s impatience and lack of trust.  Israel had just won a great victory, defeating Jericho, and letting all of Canaan know that God is on the move.  God had specifically told all the people to leave everything alone and to take no spoils from Jericho. Everything was to be left and burned.  Jericho’s demise was to be complete.  But Achan sinned against God and took some of these things.  He couldn’t wait for the better things that God had for the people.  He grew impatient.  And his sin cost the nation of Israel greatly.  They lost their next battle against Ai; they underestimated their enemy and overestimated their good standing with God. 

This is the struggle that often exists in our own heart.  We know that God has good things for us.  We believe him when he tells us so in his Word.  We simply don’t want to wait for them.  As the commercial says, “I want my (fill in your own blank here), and I want it NOW!” We have to fight against that old impatient self but reaffirming our trust in the goodness and faithfulness of God.  He has more in store for us than we can imagine, we must simply trust his timing. 

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