1 Samuel 9-10

Read 1 Samuel 9-10

Have you ever looked back on a choice you have made and thought “What was I thinking?!” No? Just me? Okay. well, I am sure most of us have at least one or two moments in our past that we can look back on and say poor choices were made. The big question we have as we look back is, why did we make the choice we made. what factors became so important that we made the decision to walk the path we walked? Usually it ends up being something that, as we have grown and matured, we realized was not something that should have been so important. It was a person we wanted to impress that isn’t even in our lives anymore. It was a swelling of our own pride that made us do the thing we did. It was a moment of anger or bitterness that ruled that particular day.

What ever it might have been, our hope is that now we have grown and matured and realized there has to be a better way to make choices. We need a better filter for the decisions we will be making every day, big or small. Our passage today shows us the importance of that filter. Israel had been blessed, delivered, protected, and provided for as they walked out of Egypt, through the wilderness, and into the promised land. Yet still they continued to fall into pride and bitterness. Still they continued to think they their thoughts were best in any given situation. Now, here in the land God delivered to them, they decided God was not enough and they needed a king. God, knowing their hearts, gave them a king they would want and not a king chosen by the standards of God. We can guess, probably by our own personal experience, how this is going to work out for Israel. Spoiler: not well.

So here is a question to ponder today. How do you make decisions each day, both great and small, and how do you allow God and His word take priority in that process?

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