1 Samuel 19-20

Read 1 Samuel 19-20

For most of us, making friends as kids was a pretty easy task. We’d find a common interest in a cartoon or a love of knocking down block towers. And there we were, friends forever, or at least until 7th grade. It didn’t take much to form friendships, and it took a whole lot to break them. It was a great time in our lives.

The prevailing thought as we get older, and its not necessarily something that any of us say out loud, is that we don’t need friends as adults the same way that we needed friends as kids. But at the same time, many of us, when we grow up and lose some of those close friendships, feel that loss deep in our hearts. God created us to live in relationship with other people, and an important part of that is the friendships with other godly adults in our faith community. We need a Jonathan to our David. A friend who cares for us, who listens to us, who holds us accountable, who asks us the hard questions, a friend who wants and works for our best.

Are you seeking out friendships like this? Are you seeking to be a friends like David and Jonathan? How can you grow those relationships in this coming new year?

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