1 Samuel 21-22

Read 1 Samuel 21-22.

These chapters of David’s life read like a nightmare. On the run as an escapee of Saul, who is clearly becoming increasingly paranoid and dangerous, David faces a tumultuous journey. There is much to fear as he flees from a powerful madman. However, even in the midst of these stressful circumstances, David chooses to trust that God is indeed faithful and in control… “And David went from there to Mizpeh of Moab. And he said to the king of Moab, “Please let my father and my mother stay with you, till I know what God will do for me.” (1 Sam. 22:4) Just as David trusted God in the earlier days of his life, he is trusting Him still. He didn’t know how God’s plan would unfold, and he didn’t know if or how God would protect him from his enemy. There was a lot David didn’t know, but he clung to the hope given by a faithful and sovereign God.

Meanwhile, Saul is informed of David’s movements and progress leading him to fall deeper into his rage as he gives an accusatory lecture to his servants. Questioning their loyalty, he only became more paranoid and violent…ultimately ordering the murder of eighty-five priests and the destruction of their city, Nob. A sole survivor managing to escape, filled David in on the horror he had just witnessed. The nightmare had just hit a peak. David had seen that God spared him from the latest of Saul’s homicidal outbursts, but he still didn’t know all that God would do. However, he still chose to humbly trust God’s plan. He took responsibility for the part he played in the calamity brought upon the priests and proceeded to offer protection of the man who’d just lost everything. Even as he is still in danger and on the run himself.

Whatever your tendency when faced with the unknown–jumping to take control, taking a skittish step back, or even being filled with anger–take note of David’s trust in the God who is all-knowing. He acted in wisdom, using the gifts God had given him but still trusted that God was at work. Find comfort in the midst of uncertainty, knowing that God is in control. Enjoy peace, grasping that God’s plan is better than your own. Love those around you with the love of your Savior even when you are struggling yourself. Lastly, fear not, even though we don’t always know how God’s plan will unfold in our lives, we do know He is always faithful.

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