1 Samuel 28 & 31

Read 1 Samuel 28 , Read 1 Samuel 31

Through our daily readings, we’re aware Saul has disobeyed God. As a result, the Lord rejected him as King of Israel. In fact, in chapter 16, we read the spirit of the Lord left Saul and was replaced by an evil spirit that terrified him. 

Now in chapter 28, things are only getting worse for Saul. The Philistines are going to war against him. Saul knows God is no longer talking to him, so he seeks help from a medium to talk to Samuel (who has since passed away). Quick sidenote: God has also asked His followers not to consult with sorcerers or mediums (Leviticus 19:31 & Isaiah 8:19). Ironic, isn’t it, how Saul disobeyed God again in hopes of gaining God’s favor through Samuel?

Samuel tells Saul that because of his disobedience, the Lord is going to hand he and Israel over into the hands of the Philistines. He also tells Saul that he, along with his sons, would be with him tomorrow. Meaning, they too would be dead. 

The next day, as Saul sees Samuel’s predications coming to fruition, he takes his own life. It’s a tragic story, and one that could have been avoided.

The story of Saul hits close to home for many people. Maybe not because of the battles, or being plagued by an evil spirit, or talk of mediums consulting with the dead. Perhaps Saul’s story hits home because of the issue of obedience—or disobedience. 

If we’re being real, we can probably think of a time (or ten) when we’ve disobeyed God. Often, our disobedience causes us to walk through miserable paths. 

I was called to be a pastor in the Fall of 2009. I ran from it for a while, 10 years in fact. I was miserable and suffered because of my disobedience. Peace came when I finally surrendered and started to pursue God’s calling on my life. 

Jesus says if we love Him, we will keep His commands (John 14:15)—we will obey Him. He also is the Prince of Peace (Isaiah 9:6). Love, obedience, and peace. The three are not independent of one another. 

If Saul loved God, he would have kept God’s commands and he would have had peace, internal peace and possibly peace with his enemies. 

Let us be a people who love God, keep His commands, and know His peace. 


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