2 Samuel 6-7

Read 2 Samuel 6-7.

On occasion I have grand ideas for things I will accomplish for the people I care about. Like the time I decided to create a convoluted plan for a friend’s birthday present…the presents would ultimately be opened over the course of four weeks with a lot of pomp and circumstance in between. In reality my friend opened the presents all at once, because when explained, not only did the ordeal sound exhausting, I realized that wasn’t the type of experience my friend needed or wanted. I simply got caught up in the desire to offer the best possible birthday surprise I could imagine because I cared so much. Doing so, I forgot to think about what my friend would enjoy…not a month long present opening ceremony. Needless to say, it’s a point of amusement years later.

The imperfect King David had grand ideas, too. This passage shows us the plans to move the Ark of the Covenant, not in the way God had commanded but in a seemingly better way. That ended in chaotic disaster. Because God’s plans are better and obedience is required. We also see David’s big idea to build a physical house for God and even Nathan giving the go ahead. This plan emerged from David’s humble heart and deep love, believing his own dwelling shouldn’t be more extravagant than the dwelling place of God. God put a stop to that plan in a hurry. Because His plans are better. Though He rejected David’s plan to build a beautiful temple, He made a covenant with David passing down the promise originally made to Abraham. A promise that points us to the Savior who was born of the line of David, a redemptive plan and an eternal kingdom. A much better plan than David’s. David didn’t respond to the refusal and subsequent covenant in anger or disappointment but in rejoicing.

As we prepare for the coming year, let’s take time to seek God’s plan through His Word and Spirit as we strive to glorify His name. Let’s rejoice in the truth that His plan is best.

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