Psalm 119:49-128

Read Psalm 119:49-128

Often, when we pray, we come to the Lord with our list of requests. We seek Him to heal a sickness, or to open a door for a promotion. “Lord, please do…” and we can fill in the blank with endless possibilities. 

But, when I read through the book of Psalm, I’m encouraged to think a little different about the way I pray. 

In fact, everything about the way I’ve thought about prayer changes. 

It moves me from a place of only needing or making my requests known, to a place of gratitude. A place where I’m intentionally being thankful for God and who He is. 

Reading through Psalm 119, verses 49 – 128 in particular, the Psalmist reminds of the confidence we can have in our Lord. It’s His word that sustains us. We can thank Him for that.

We’re reminded of how God’s Word revives us even in our suffering. And we’re reminded to seek God’s Word and go to Him with all that we are. 

We have a God who is for us, who wants to be with us, who wants us to seek after Him. He’s just so good.

No matter our situation or circumstance, we can thank God for who He is and all that He’s done, doing, and will do in our lives. 


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