1 Kings 8, 9:1-9

Read 1 Kings 8, 9:1-9

In these chapters we get a glimpse of what we might call a “ribbon cutting ceremony,” or a “grand opening.” The temple, God’s house, is finished and the ark is being placed in it. And from the descriptions provided in the text, clearly, God’s temple was a big deal. 

Afterall, this was a place for God to dwell. It was a place to meet with Him, and offer sacrifices. The text explains the importance of the temple, its purpose, and even its holiness. We also know the temple was incredibly beautiful. But there’s more to this temple than what the text says. There’s a twist no one, at the time, could ever imagine.

In chapter 9, the Lord tells Solomon, “One of your descendants will always sit on the throne of Israel.” 

That descendant is Jesus. 

So, what’s the twist? Those knowing this promise were expecting an earthly King to sit on the throne of David. 

But, when Jesus came, He didn’t come as an earthly king. He came as king over everything and changed the way we communed with God. The people knowing God’s Word at the time would not have foreseen this turn of events.

Because of Jesus, we no longer must go to the temple and make sacrifices to be with God. For those that choose to follow Jesus, He has made His temple in us.  Let that sink in.

The glamourous, holy temple Solomon built for God as a place for us to meet with God—Jesus does away with the building and makes His home or temple in His believers.  

The Holy place and the very presence of God, dwells in us. Incredible.


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