Proverbs 16-18

Read Proverbs 16-18.

As you read through these chapters, you’ll likely spot some verses that are instantly recognizable as proverbs that are commonly spoken into everyday situations…at times light heartedly and at others quite gravely. Often times they are paraphrased and sometimes even stretched out of context. You know the ones… “Be careful, pride goes before a fall.”, “My white hair is my crown of glory!”, “Laughter is such good medicine!”…just a few examples. Most of the times they are spoken, they are quite applicable. But that’s the point, isn’t it? These proverbs serve to guide us through every day life, to help us view the world and those around us with a lens of godly wisdom. Sometimes our lives seem to roll by like the waves of the ocean–some seasons full of adventure, others teeming with activity and purpose, and still others dreary and laden with many burdens. But what peace to look at all aspects and seasons of our lives and see them through the wisdom of our Creator!

How much better to get wisdom than gold!
    To get understanding is to be chosen rather than silver.

Proverbs 16:16

As you work through the rest of this week, will you take the time to seek wisdom and understanding? Whether you are having a week filled with success or a week that is turning out to be more tumultuous than you planned, His Word is steadfast and wise. His wisdom is worth seeking above all else. What if we sought to understand the situations we are in with a yearning to bring glory to our God? What would change if we wrote these words of wisdom on our hearts and them put them into practice?

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