1 Kings 21-22

Read 1 Kings 21-22.

The time period of the kings is intriguing, and I always enjoy spending some time there. Maybe it’s because I have the benefit of hindsight that the Israelites didn’t have. Or it could be that I simply get drawn into the kings’ misadventures. Initially, their folly always seems to impact them, sometimes even humbling them, then they fall right back into disobedient patterns. This can certainly be said of King Ahab as he gives into his greed, sulks like a child when things don’t go his way, looks the other way when his divisive and homicidal wife sorts things in his favor…but then, wait for it…he humbles himself! He hears the Lord’s rebuke from the mouth of Elijah and mourns his evil ways bringing him God’s mercy. Things seem to be moving in the right direction, only for him to quickly fall back to seeking ungodly council and mocking the word of the Lord. So frustrating and yet so expected!

We see the fall of King Ahab as he chooses the way of the false prophets over the word spoken by the prophet Micaiah. He went to all that trouble planning this specific battle that he sought out about 400 prophets and then went even further to specifically request the presence and contribution of Micaiah only then to dismiss the true council and move forward with his own desires. We see how he so easily reverted back to his selfish character, valuing only the opinions that aligned with his own goals, ultimately leading to his demise.

In assessing Ahab’s character and choices, it’s easy to point a finger and provide our own judgment. After all, he was not a wise or godly king. However, let’s take time to assess our own character alongside his. How often do we seek council from those we know will agree with our own desires or opinions, choosing only to “vent” and feel validated? How often do we seek guidance or council first from others and then through prayer and reading of God’s Word? Only then measuring them up to make our decisions? My prayer is that we will strive to seek godly counsel and walk in the ways of the Lord…even when it might be difficult or less appealing. Let’s learn from Ahab’s folly and seek God’s plan above all else.

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