2 Kings 5, 6:1-23

Read 2 Kings 5, 6:1-23

Often, our situation dictates our willingness to let God have complete control of our lives. 

I am guilty of this, and maybe you can think of some times in your life when this has been true for you. 

Naaman was an army commander who was highly regarded by his master. But he had leprosy. 2 Kings chapter 5 tells us the story of Naaman’s healing, but it required Naaman to trust God—something he struggled with. 

Elisha the prophet told Naaman that to be healed, he must go and wash himself not once, not twice, not three times, but seven times in the Jordan river. What? No one ever got rid of leprosy by washing themselves in a dirty river. Besides, it was too simple of a task. Naaman became angry and refused to do as Elisha said.

The Bible tells us Naaman turned and went off in a rage. His servants helped him cool off and think logically. They reminded Naaman of how he was willing to do anything, accomplish any huge task, in order to be healed so why not do the small task being prescribed. Naaman see reasons and complies. He washes himself seven times and is healed. 

Naaman thought his path to healing was too simple. He thought he knew better than God. Our path to eternal healing or salvation through Jesus is simple—we simply believe & choose to follow him. Simple. And yet, for many, they can’t quite make the leap to trust Him. 

We too may think we know better than God. He may be asking us to trust Him with something, not in our own way, but in His. Whatever it is, give up the struggle. Do it God’s way. 

Our healing can only come when we give complete control to God. Maybe today is a day that you need to take a first step toward healing found in the Lord.


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