Hosea 1-3

Read Hosea 1-3

If you are anything like me, you might need a reminder of something every now and again. This is especially true for things that we grow accustomed to. If something is around often enough or if you get to use something a lot, we might forget how great it really is. I mean, when was the last time you thought about the fact that most of us are probably reading this devotion on a pocket sized computer that is a phone, radio, camera, encyclopedia, game console, etc. all in one. That is a pretty crazy thing to just forget.

Sometimes scripture gives us drastic stories to help remind us just how amazing God’s love really is. In Hosea, God gave us a physical reminder of his awesome love by calling him to go love a woman he knew was and would be unfaithful. Hosea loved her so much that even when she ran away and sold herself into prostitution, he was willing to chase her down and pay whatever cost was required to bring her home.

God’s love for you is so great that he was willing to pay the price. He saw your sin. He knew all the ways you had rebelled and all the ways you would continue to do so, but still he was willing to pay the price. Because he loved you. Today is a day to stop and really consider that love and how it has and continues to change our heart.

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