Ezra 1-2

Read Ezra 1-2.

The opening chapters of this short but powerful book begin the story of the Israelite’s restoration after their long captivity in Babylon. As we know, they were originally in exile due to their sinful choices, but Jeremiah prophesied that their punishment would not last forever but rather about 70 years. However well deserved, that is some punishment. It provides evidence of the serious nature of following God wholeheartedly. Here we see how God works in the heart of a pagan king to set in motion the redemption of the remnant of Judah. He was true to His word as He always is, and He is sovereign over all things. As we progress through this passage, we are then confronted a very long list of the exiles who returned. At first glance, it’s easy to glance at the list and move on to the next chapter, but this list of names…of regular people…remind us of yet another promise God made and has kept–His promise to make Abraham’s descendants more numerous than the stars in the sky. And it points us forward to His promise to bless the nations through these descendants. From this very line, the messiah will come. From this very line, the great redemption story will come full circle. I’d say that’s a list worth pausing for, to sit in awe of a God who is more faithful than we can comprehend.

As we take our first steps into this historic journey of the exiles, let’s take the time to truly appreciate the attributes of our God that are showcased here, seeking to glorify Him with our own lives. Our God is just and righteous, yet He provides redemption for the sinful. Are we daily praising Him for our own redemption and sharing this great news with those in our paths? Our God is faithful beyond measure, even as His people prove to be unfaithful. Are we regularly acknowledging His faithfulness in our lives and striving to grow in our walk with Him? Our God is sovereign and mighty, choosing to use ordinary people for His glory. Are we listening intently to the Spirit with a willing heart to serve and to be used by Him? Whatever your answers to those questions, take time today to pause in the midst of the busyness you may be caught up in. Take time to really worship the God who works for our good and His glory.

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