Esther 5-7

Read Esther 5-7.

I’m admittedly not a big movie buff. The world of cinema just isn’t somewhere I’ve spent a lot of time. I know people, as do you, who seem able to discuss the most minute plot points of hundreds of movies with passion and accuracy. You may even be among that group, but I am not. With that said, I would like to make a grand sweeping declaration. I mean, why not? What’s the Internet for if not making bold assertions with very limited knowledge?

So here it goes–I believe that the story of Esther is as dramatic and powerful as any screenplay ever written or any film ever produced. The dramatic tension and plot development of these three chapters alone are incredible. Esther had made her decision. She would act on behalf of her people, assuming the risk to herself to bring Haman’s evil scheme out into the open. Meanwhile, Haman schemes for Mordecai to be hanged, only for Mordecai to be honored instead. At least, Haman thought, he would be an honored guest at Queen Esther’s banquet, only for that to end with him being hanged instead on the gallows he’d constructed for Mordecai.

Things went neither as Esther feared or as Haman planned. The reality is that Esther’s story isn’t a movie, and neither is your life. Both, however, can be dramatic, and both invite us to see a world beyond ourselves and a purpose bigger than ourselves. That’s something Haman wasn’t able to see, but with Mordecai’s encouragement, Esther did. And so can we. What would it look like for you to live into that bigger purpose today?

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