John 13

Read John 13

Servant leadership is not something we do by nature. Putting others needs before our own, even as Christians, is at times a hard pill for us to swallow. 

With the current societal climate, it’s no wonder this is the case. Marketing, social media, and most other received imagery seem to be conditioning us to be an inward focused people. We’re taught to think of ourselves first, but that’s not what Jesus taught. And that’s not who He wants us to be.

His words and actions in John 13 paint a very different picture of how He wants us to live, love, and lead. We see Jesus, with little time left on Earth, and He serves His disciples by washing their feet. 

This King of Kings, and Lord of Lords, the one who had the power to stop what was to come, the one who knew that Judas would betray Him, the one who would soon die on a cross for the sins of all men, showed us how we are to live, love, and lead—by serving others. 

His ministry on Earth was drawing to a close, but He had so much to say by showing us how to be people who love others first. This is how we are to lead, live, and love. 


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