John 14-15

Read John 14-15

Sometimes we all just need a little bit of help. The older I get the more evident this becomes in my life. I like to say I am at the fun age of being young enough to able to get many things done on my own but old enough to know better than to try. Most of the time I am faced with a task I have never done before, I start looking around for ways to get help. Maybe it is a youtube video that will show me how to replace that part in my car. Maybe it is finding a trusted friend who has the necessary skills to get the job done and asking them to teach me. Either way, it is almost freeing to admit I need help and finding that help.

Jesus knows that we are a people that need help, and in John 14 he promises that we will always have it when we need it. In this passage, he is trying to warn the disciples of what is about to happen. It is the passion week, and Jesus is just days away from the cross. The disciples are about to feel desperate and maybe even hopeless. Jesus is telling them that this is the will of the Father, and when it happens, when he rises from the dead and ascends to heaven, even then they will still have help. Jesus will send them the great comforter and counselor, the Holy Spirit. And he is coming to empower us for the mission Jesus has given.

Friend, remember the promise that you have in Christ, that as a believer you have the peace-giving, empowering, comforting, counseling Holy Spirit dwelling in you today. Whatever struggle or obstacle you face today, be it great or small, he is there to walk with you through it.

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