Luke 24

Read Luke 24

It’s hard for us to completely comprehend Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection. 

Death we’re familiar with. Burial too. Death comes for us all, and then burial, but resurrection? No. We can’t wrap our head around it. Dead things don’t come back to life—but Jesus did. 

Jesus came back to life. And he appeared to many. 

Can you imagine being there when the women found the tomb empty? Can you imagine walking with the men on the road to Damascus when Jesus appeared?  Or when Jesus stood among the disciples and said, “Peace be with you.” They were startled and rightfully so. 

These things are difficult to imagine let alone experience. They were probably confused and undoubtedly had many questions. 

How did He come back? Or why did He have to suffer like this? 

But how and why are not as important as who—Jesus. Jesus was and is the answer to their questions. They may not have fully been able to wrap their head around His death, burial, and resurrection, but seeing Him was answer enough. 

You and I may ask questions of God, not understanding the how and why of our circumstances. Not that our questions aren’t valid, but perhaps it’s not the right question. If we know who holds us, if we know who oversees all things, then the how and why questions are quelled. 

Our who is Jesus, and we can trust Him. He’s the answer to our questions. 


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