John 20-21

Read John 20-21.

Kentucky Fried Chicken is a story of second chances. No, this isn’t a plug for KFC, and this is not a sponsored post (though I will happily accept a chicken sandwich anytime). Harland Sanders, the founder of KFC, spent more time in his early years failing than he did succeeding. He failed at his law career, failed at multiple businesses, and even failed to get other restaurants to use his secret recipe for chicken. But most of us don’t know these things because we only know of the great triumph of Col. Sanders’ chicken.

Peter was a failure, too. For all his brashness and bravado, when he was put to the fire, he failed. He denied and abandoned Jesus. This could have been the end of his story. We all probably would have understood if Jesus had risen and appeared to the disciples and just told Peter to leave. “You promised me you would never deny me, and it took less than a day!” But this is the message of John 21: Jesus is bigger than our failures. His grace and mercy is greater than our sin. He doesn’t just forgive Peter; he tells him to lead. He sends him out on mission. “Yes, you denied me, but I am going to use you still. Feed my Sheep!”

You may have failed. You may have lost. In his great grace and mercy, God still wants to use you, friend.

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