Acts 10-11

Read Acts 10-11.

Like Peter, we don’t always catch on to things the first time or even the third time. Even after hearing the instructions in his vision three times, Peter was perplexed about what the descended sheet meant. Its meaning didn’t become clear until he met Cornelius. It was only when the two of them had the opportunity to share with one another what God had shared with them separately that things began to come into focus. Sometimes, we need more than just time to see clearly what God wants to show us. Sometimes, we need the testimony and community of others–maybe even those we never expected–to help us see that God is doing something far greater than we ever expected, something much bigger than we can comprehend on our own. Peter and Cornelius needed each other to make sense of what they had seen and heard. Who in your life is helping you see the bigger picture of what God is doing in the world?

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