Acts 12

Read Acts 12

Peter is in prison—not what one might expect of a Christian. Peter’s situation reminds us that being a Christian doesn’t mean experiencing only good things or getting everything we want. 

The truth is, God made sacrifices for us, so sometimes in life we are going to have to make some sacrifices as well. I can’t imagine anyone wanting to go to prison, especially for preaching about the Good News of Jesus, but this happened to Peter. God had a plan for Peter even when Peter was in prison.

Just because the world is filled with evil and bad things, that doesn’t mean God won’t use that bad for His good. Look at verse 24. It says, “but the Word of God continued to spread and flourish.” 

Absolutely nothing can stop the Word of God from being shared. The world may try to, our God is bigger than their attempts.

Continue reading the chapter. Peter was sleeping beside two guards. He was sleeping. In prison. And awaiting death. Though escape seemed impossible, and death inevitable, Peter slept, completely at peace. How could he escape? Two armed guards were beside him. However, their attempts to keep Peter quiet, to silence the Gospel were thwarted. God performed a miracle and Peter was rescued. 

We may never go to prison for sharing the Gospel, but we will be surrounded by people bringing us down or trying to steer us away from spreading the Good News. However, God has a plan for each one of you.

Do not let the voice of the world be louder than the Creator of Life. He truly saves, even when it looks impossible. 


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