Romans 9 & 10

Read Romans 9 & 10

The passion, even anguish, he has for his people can be heard in Paul’s voice as he writes Romans 9 and 10. He says in Chapter 9 verse 3, “For I could wish that I myself were accursed and cut off from Christ for the sake of my brothers, my kinsmen according to the flesh.” 

Paul’s heart and desire was for his people to know the Lord. He’s so desperate for them to know the Lord that he is saying he’d rather be cut off from Christ if that meant his people would be saved. He’s desperate for his people to be saved—to accept Jesus and their Lord and Savior. Can you and I say that? Do we have the same passion for the lost around us? 

Glory be to God that we don’t have to give up our salvation so that others can be saved—that’s not how the Gospel works. However, I pray we become a people with a desire to see lost people saved. 

Paul spells out the Gospel, the good news of Jesus Christ, in chapter 10. It’s not something we can force on people, but it is for anyone who believes. Anyone. 

He goes on later to say there is neither Greek, nor Jews, the Lord is Lord of all. Anyone can be saved. The Gospel offers hope for this life and the next. All we have to do is believe in our hearths that God raised Him (Jesus) from the dead and confess with our mouth that He (Jesus) is Lord over our lives. 

If you haven’t already, would you allow Jesus to be the Lord of your life? Ask Him right now.


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