Acts 26-27

Read Acts 26-27

The best defense is a good offense – or so they say. To be clear, I don’t know who “they” are or where such logic originated, but it certainly seems to be on display in Acts 26.

Paul had worked his way up the ladder, defending himself to multiple councils, courts, and high-ranking officials regarding the erroneous accusations made against him. In Acts 26, Paul finds himself before King Agrippa who permitted Paul to speak his piece. In response, “Paul stretched out his hand and made his defense” (Acts 26:1).

But his defense was more than a defense. Paul leveraged even this inconvenience as an opportunity to play offense–to point King Agrippa to the one who opens the eyes of the blind, turns darkness into light, offers forgiveness of sins, and sanctifies a people for himself (Acts 26:17-18).

How do you view the inconveniences in your life? The places and spaces where you never wanted or planned to be? The seasons of life in which you never desired? May the Spirit of God help us to see such circumstances not as mere inconveniences but as invitations to share the love of Christ.

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