Ephesians 1-2

Read Ephesians 1-2.

When was the las time you stopped and spent time thinking about how God has actively worked throughout your life? I mean when did you last really put some time into considering how God has blessed you or kept you from harm or brought you through difficult moments or used bad situations to make your need for him or some aspect of his character plain to you? Maybe all of us could stand to do that a little bit more. God is always at work in and around us. Let me give you a small example of what I mean.

In my personal time studying the word, I am reading through Mark’s Gospel. I have read through it several times before and I love some of the qualities of this book. I love the way Mark makes it clear that the gospel is a thing of urgency by using the word “immediately” often to give the reader a hurried sense of movement to the cross. I love how much time Mark gives to the cross reminding us how everything about his ministry builds to this. But, and this is relevant to today’s thoughts, I also love how Mark narratively reminds us about Jesus’ call to faith in who he is and what he can do for us. Just this morning I came to Jesus’ famous question for Peter “But who do you say I am?” Given the context, Jesus could have asked, “Do you believe in me?” This pushes us the reader into the same question, will we believe in Jesus?

And then I sit down to write this devotion from Ephesians 1-2. I am reminded of the centrality of faith to the gospel of Jesus Christ. “For by grace you have been saved through faith.” As followers of Christ we are called to a deep and growing faith. We are called to understand even this faith is a gift from God, its not a work or an earned prize for being amazing. We simply believe in God and his work through Christ. We are called to know his immeasurable riches in that faith. it is something that daily should lead us to our knees in humility and gratitude. So, in view of his immeasurable riches, let me ask again, when was the las time you stopped and thought about how blessed we are in Christ?

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