Philippians 1-2

Read Philippians 1-2.

If I had to choose a favorite book of the Bible, Philippians would probably be it. I love the way Paul writes to the church with such affection and joy and clarity as to how the life of Christ shapes the life of the church. Paul was imprisoned at the time of his writing, most likely in Rome, just a few years before his death. And he’s writing to a church in Philippi that is by all accounts a thriving and healthy church. What we don’t find here is a long list of issues of corruption like we find in his letters to some other churches. Here, Paul models in his writing what it looks like for us to give thanks for one another, encourage one another, and pray for one another before directing our hearts and minds to the one whose example we are all following as Christians. He calls us to live in a manner worthy of the gospel and to find unity in our mutual concern for one another, “Have this mind among yourselves, which is yours in Christ Jesus.” Jesus has shown us the way. Paul reminds us what that way looks like. I pray it’s the way that we are following.

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