Hebrews 1-2

Read Hebrews 1-2.

10 And,

“You, Lord, laid the foundation of the earth in the beginning,

and the heavens are the work of your hands;

 11  they will perish, but you remain;

they will all wear out like a garment,

 12  like a robe you will roll them up,

like a garment they will be changed.

But you are the same,

and your years will have no end.”

Hebrews 1:10-12

You ever take your eye off the ball? Ever forget the big picture? The whole reason you are doing something in the first place? I think all of us have done this at some point with greater or smaller consequences. Last week at Kids Camp I took my eyes off the bigger picture while playing soccer and got so focused on what was right in front of me that when I kicked the ball I didn’t see that I had kicked it right at my own kid. Now the consequences here are small, Ethan was fine, he is a tough kid. But I have conversations all the time with students and parents that show the greater consequences of taking our eyes off the big picture, when we become too focused on the things right in front of us.

The whole point of the book of Hebrews is to remind us that regardless of what is right in front of us, Jesus is better. Here in the first couple chapters, we are reminded of the true nature of Jesus, that he is superior to everything else. And because Jesus is superior, we should always be on high alert to be sure that we aren’t neglecting this truth in our lives. Most of us would never do this intentionally, but we get distracted by the opportunities right in front of us, by the trials afflicting us today, or by the temptations of sin. We must be sure to keep our eyes on Christ, keep him in our eyes as we make decisions and choose how we lead. Jesus is bigger. My prayer is that we all work to remember that.

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