1 Peter 3-4

Read 1 Peter 3-4.

When preachers start talking about stewardship, there’s a pretty good chance they’re on their way to talking about money. If a church has a Stewardship Committee, then that committee is focused on money. That’s just how the word is used in modern churches, but it isn’t how Peter uses it here. His encouragement is that we be “good stewards of God’s varied grace.” He offers examples of what this might look like. If you’re someone with a gift for speaking, then use that gift to speak in accordance with God’s word. Whatever gift you have been given with which to serve others, serve with God’s strength and not what might look like strength to the rest of the world. God’s strength doesn’t repay evil for evil but pours out grace on those who suffer. Being a good steward of God’s grace means managing the bottomless supply of God’s lovingkindness we have received. It means serving others as Christ served–without exclusion and without end. What gift has God given you? How can you serve someone else today as you steward God’s grace?

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