Revelation 4-5

Read Revelation 4-5.

What a question. “Who is worthy?”

Revelation is a book that entices and intrigues, as well as confuses and confounds. Many people have many different thoughts about much of the book. But as I read it, a couple things stand out as underlying themes for the original audience and for us reading it today. These stand out because they are not just themes of the book of Revelation but themes of the entirety of the Bible: Jesus and Hope.

John sees in his vision a magnificent view of the throne room of God with an angel ushering him in and God declaring that John is about to see the end, the victory that will come. But then tragedy, for the scroll with these things written on it cannot be opened because there is no one worthy to open them. All the angels, all the creatures, all the elders, and none can open the scroll. But then hope rises. I can almost hear the triumphal music crescendoing. The Lion, The Root, The Lamb is here and he is worthy!

So much of what we see today as we absorb the news or social media leaves us feeling like there is no hope in the world. As believers, however, we know that this is not the case. Our hope lies in the only one worthy. The Lion who fights for us, The Root who is our solid foundation, The Lamb who redeems us is our hope. And that is a hope that never fails.

Who is worthy? Jesus. Let’s worship him today.

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