Luke 1

Read Luke 1.

Here at VC Devotionals, we’ve spent the past year working our way through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. To do that, we’ve needed to keep up a pretty strong and steady pace. So, it seems wise now that we take a deep breath and slow things down just a bit. There’s nothing wrong with going fast. There’s a time for that. But there’s also a time to move more slowly and allow ourselves the space to contemplate more fully. That’s what we hope to do over the coming year. Rather than following a whole-Bible, plan, we are going to be focusing on the New Testament with a reading plan called NT260. You can find the details of that plan here.

It is my prayer for today and for the year ahead that we would see and hear Jesus in the words of the New Testament in a way that renews our faith and deepens our discipleship.

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