Luke 4

Read Luke 4.

Luke 4 marks the beginning of Jesus’ earthly ministry – approximately three years spent preaching the good news of the forgiveness of sin, proclaiming the kingdom of God, and performing many signs and wonders. In doing these things, Jesus was fulfilling the very purpose for which he was sent (vv. 16-21, 43).

But did you notice that Jesus’ fulfillment of his God-appointed purpose came on the far side of difficulties and disappointment? Before he turned any water into wine, he was first tempted in the wilderness (vv. 1-13). Before he raised the dead to life, he was first rejected by his own (vv. 16-30). 

Friends, you have been called up into God’s story. You have a critical, God-appointed role to play in his plan of redemption. But make no mistake – it will come with challenges, frustrations, and struggles. Living on mission can get messy, and making disciples can be difficult. If this was the case for Jesus, why would we expect anything less?

May the Spirit of God help us to see and press on toward the opportunities that lie on the far side of opposition.

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