Luke 6

Read Luke 6.

The Pharisees who questioned and opposed Jesus in Luke 6 are a living, breathing representation of what it means to miss the forest for the trees. They knew the law. They knew what was allowed on the Sabbath and what was not. But their attention to the minute details of the law blinded them to the bigger picture. Their enforcement of the law failed to account for the heart behind the law.

Jesus’ words and actions called them to reconsider whether the Sabbath laws were being equally applied, as well as why those laws existed. Was it to prevent hungry disciples from eating? Was it to prevent a man from being healed? These events immediately precede the longest discourse of Jesus’ teaching contained in Luke’s Gospel, inviting us as readers to consider where we might be prone to do what the Pharisees did. Where might our backgrounds, traditions, and prejudices make it difficult for us to truly see what Jesus is saying? Are we quick to round off the rough edges of the beatitudes and the woes? Are we looking for loopholes when it comes to loving our enemies? Are there special circumstances–in our minds–when it is actually okay for us to judge and condemn others rather than repenting of our own hypocrisy? Do we call Jesus “Lord, Lord” without doing what he says?

May we be those who hear Jesus’ words clearly and build our lives upon them.

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