Luke 9

Read Luke 9.

Lots of things are happening in Luke 9. Jesus is moving and shaking and making things happen – and it all demanded a response. 

Herod was so perplexed that he wasn’t entirely sure what the proper response was.

Peter responded by confessing Jesus as the Christ. 

The same Peter, along with James and John, responded to the transfigured Christ in stunned awe and silence.

Upon witnessing a boy healed of an unclean spirit, the crowd responded in astonishment “at the majesty of God” (v. 43).

A variety of situations and circumstances received a variety of responses from a variety of people. But Luke also records a prompt from Jesus that we must also respond to: “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me” (v. 23).

So how will you respond? And I’m not asking “what’s the right response?” – because you can know the right response without actually responding accordingly. I’m asking you, “how will you respond today?” May we respond not just in word, but also in deed – denying ourselves and walking daily in the way of Jesus.

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