Luke 11

Read Luke 11.

Have you ever hesitated to call an old friend or to reconnect with someone because you weren’t sure they would want to hear from you? I think we all have. It isn’t even that we’ve wronged them or vice versa. We’ve just lost touch and want to call someone, but then we convince ourselves that they’re going to be annoyed by our interruption. Sure, that could happen, but we can also miss out on connecting with someone because we’re living as if our anxieties are our reality (gentle reminder: they’re not). What we’re failing to consider is that our friend might be just as happy to reconnect as we are or even as eager to help us as we would be to help them.

Here’s where I’m going with this–God never views your prayers as an interruption or an inconvenience. As Jesus teaches in Luke 11, God is eager to hear and to answer the prayers of his children, even beyond the way a neighbor would help a friend in crisis in the middle of the night or the way a parent would provide for a beloved child. God stands ready to give the Holy Spirit to those who ask him. You won’t be sent away or shut down when you try to connect with God in prayer. He will hear you and meet you in the presence of the Holy Spirit. Even if it’s been a while since you prayed, God is ready to answer your call. Call out to him today.

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