Luke 17

Read Luke 17.

When I read through Luke 17, humility is the word that comes to mind.

Humility—being humble is a concept many struggle with. At the root of this struggle is control. We like to be the ones in control. 

But our desire to be the one in charge is evidence of pride—the original sin. Pride is the opposite of humility, often what leads to our sin. 

Yes, we all sin. But, if we’re walking in humility, realizing God is the one is control, we will sin less. We will see where He’s working and join Him. 

In Luke 17, Jesus is talking with the disciples about the danger of sin. He suggests they should “watch themselves” in order to overcome the temptation that comes with sin and not cause others to sin. 

On His way to Jerusalem, Jesus continues teaching. Ten lepers call out, “Jesus, Master, have pity on us.” He tells them to go show themselves to the priests and they are healed as they went. Yet only one returned to give thanks to the Lord—the Samaritan. The original audience of this text would have taken note of this as Samaritans were despised. Tension was thick between the Jewish peoples and the Samaritans.

The humility displayed by the Samaritan is noteworthy as he received not only the physical healing, but the spiritual blessings from the Lord. 

In Luke 17: 21 Jesus says that the “Kingdom of God is within you.” This means God has placed His kingdom inside of us. This should promote humility not only because it is an attribute of God, but because the all-powerful, all-knowing God is in sinners like us. He knows us, and yet loves us enough to dwell inside of us. That’s forever humbling.


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