Acts 4

Read Acts 4.

The study of history can be thought of as a study of boldness. Moments when history was/is made are always precipitated by an act of individual bravery. We could point towards stories of great political or military leaders who had to make difficult decisions in harsh times, inspiring stories of everyday people standing up for what was right when everyone around them said not to, or just everyday heroes that risk life or comfort to help other people on a daily basis. They all would rightly deserve the acclaim they receive.

We see that great things happen when normal people decide to act boldly. God has designed and called us to be bold. The disciples walked with Jesus, saw his constant boldness, and then went and lived the same. In Acts 4 we see them thrown in prison and put on trial for speaking the name of Jesus. They were released under threat, one we know was credible because they would continue to be arrested, beaten, and even murdered for sharing Jesus with people. Yet we are told they prayed not for safety, not for comfort, not for protection. Instead, in the face of certain pain and death, they prayed for boldness.

Do we pray the same way? Are we praying that God would grant us bold obedience regardless of or even in the face of difficult consequences for that same bold faith? I think we probably pray more that God would give us comfort and get on our plan (I know I am guilty of that). But if we are going to be a people, a church, a mom or dad, a student, a co-worker that changes the community, family, classroom, sports team, or workplace around us, we need to start looking and praying for more boldness. I pray you will be bold today.

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