Acts 14

Read Acts 14.

What is your foundation? When we think about building a home, we might take for granted that the shape, size and make up of the foundation determines what the house about can look like. We know that the strength and durability of the foundation will determine how long the home will stand and the storms it can endure. While it isn’t always visible, it determines nearly everything about the building above. So, what is your foundation?

When we read the book of Acts, it is clear what the foundation of the apostles was; Jesus. Just follow Paul and Barnabas through one chapter and there is a boldness and tenacity that speaks to the strongest of foundations. When they are threatened in Iconium, they moved on still speaking the name of Jesus. When they were worshipped in Lystra, they wept and tore their clothes and pointed to Jesus and not themselves. When they returned to Antioch, they took none of the credit for work done, but instead pointed to Christ and his goodness and faithfulness.

When Christ is our foundation, the core of our identity, then nothing can deter us from living on mission for him. When he is the highest priority in our lives, not hardship or trail can derail us from living for him. Our lives are lived to him, for him and through him and that life is good. So, what is your foundation right now?

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