James 5

Read James 5.

Patience is not a gift of mine. When I’m in a frustrating situation, I want it fixed. When I’m learning a new skill, I want to master it right away. When I’m waiting on my coffee to brew, I want it to brew twice as fast. This issue is due in part to my lack of mastery in the skill of resting. I move quick, I have high expectations, and productivity brings me comfort. All of these qualities are fine on their own, but the problem lies in that none of these provide much room for resting, peace, and patience. Unless I’m intentionally focusing on patience and rest, it doesn’t happen. And still, sometimes it takes someone close to me calling me out and reminding me to calm down, be patient, and rest.

Here in James, we are reminded that struggles, suffering, and waiting are all part of this life. Everything will not always go our way and we won’t always get the results that we so desire. We won’t see eye to eye with everyone around us. But in the midst of both suffering and joy, we are called to wait patiently on the Lord…to remain steadfast in our walk. We are called to live in peace with those around us, striving to further the kingdom. So whatever season you are in, whether one of joy or suffering, can you focus your heart on our Savior? Can we step back from our busy schedules and rest in the peace our Father provides? Allowing that peace to sustain us as we wait for the coming of Jesus?

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