1 Corinthians 11

Read 1 Corinthians 11.

Paul has identified some behaviors in the church gatherings that were causing strife, division, and broken relationships. He uses this passage to correct the believers and remind them of who they are in Christ. The believers’ words and actions were powerful and whether they intended to be divisive or not, they certainly were doing more harm than good to the body of Christ. The spirits of greed, pride, and entitlement were acting as weeds strangling the love by which the believers were called to live. As we go about our days, let’s take time to humble ourselves and examine our own hearts so that our words and actions might be aligned with the love of our Savior and work as an encouragement to our brothers and sisters. Let’s care for those less fortunate, encourage those fighting to just make it through another day, and treat everyone with the kindness that our Father has lavished upon us.

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