Acts 4:1-22

by Doug Bratcher

The truth is a slippery thing to grab hold of these days. If you were from Cub Run, you might say it is as hard to get a hold of as a greased pig. This is especially true when it comes to the facts about our current situation, quarantine from COVID-19. Social media has allowed for people to take some of the poor reporting and spread it as truth. When you see some good person you know posting from a “news” source, you can fall into the trap of assuming it is true without doing your own research. All of this and we haven’t even gotten into the slants the actual news puts on each story. Like I said, the truth is a slippery thing to grab hold of these days.

In our house, I know I’m not getting the full truth from one of our kids when I get a specific answer from them. I’ll ask, “Did you finish your homework?” If they respond with a drawn out “yeahhhhhhhh” while looking down at the ground or off in the distance, then I know I’m not getting the truth!  

The truth is a powerful thing. Not a guess of what the truth might be… not a very close approximation of the truth… not good information based off of what we think might be the truth, but the actual truth. The truth provides boldness. The truth provides an easy pillow to sleep on at night. The truth dissolves the pit in your stomach. The truth might come with consequences but gives you the strength to face them head on. It is no surprise that in John 14:6 Jesus says He is the truth.

In these verses, we see Peter and John in a tough situation. They are taken by guards, placed in jail in the evening so they would have to wait until morning to be heard, and then questioned by the authorities. They only had one thing to stand on in that moment… THE TRUTH. The truth was not what the authorities wanted to hear. The truth was not what the authorities believed. The truth could cost them everything at this moment. Filled with the Holy Spirit, they spoke the truth. The truth was more powerful than the obvious fact that they were not educated. The truth could not be disproven, carried them through threats, and saw them to freedom.  

We may not have every truth we want on every topic right now, but we have the one truth that matters, the truth of Jesus. Let me assure you, no matter the situation, that truth is enough. Even in our current situation! I’ll leave you with Jesus’ words from John 8:31-32: “…If you abide in my word, you are truly my disciples, and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” 

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