Matthew 13:44-58

When we are young, we begin to learn about value. We learn the value of a dollar and the value of our choices. As children, we are often asked the question, “Is it worth it?” This question may be in a department store as our attention is drawn to the latest and greatest toy or outfit. It may be part of a discussion regarding the consequences for our actions. Either way, as we are growing, we are developing the habit of discerning the worth of material goods, opportunities, and actions. I find myself frequently asking if “just one more” peanut butter Oreo in the afternoon is worth giving up my evening ice cream. Or if “one more” episode of a mindless television show is worth the time that I could be spending on something more substantial. If that pair of shoes is worth the price. It’s a daily and often subconscious weighing of worth.

This passage of Scripture provides us with several parables that Jesus was using to teach His disciples and the crowds that followed Him. These focus on the worth of the kingdom of heaven. According to Jesus, the kingdom of heaven is worth every possible sacrifice. If we have made the decision to follow Jesus we are called to take up our cross and follow Him. Discipleship isn’t always fun or flashy. It isn’t always easy, and it certainly isn’t devoid of sacrifice. If we desire to be true disciples of Jesus and inherit the kingdom of heaven, we must begin to recognize the cost and the worth. We can’t be disciples if we are not willing to prioritize our relationship with our Savior. We cannot be disciples if we are only ever concerned about our own comfort and preferences. True discipleship is growing in our relationship with Jesus through worship, service, study, prayer, and biblical community. It’s understanding that seeking the kingdom of heaven requires effort and sweat. No, we can’t earn our way into heaven, and we can’t earn God’s love. However, He expects us to actively seek Him, serve Him, and make Him known. None of those things will always be easy or comfortable. So I ask you, is it worth it? Are you willing to seek the kingdom of heaven at even the highest cost? It it worth it to adjust your perspective and priorities as you walk in true discipleship?

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