Psalm 8

Often times in our world of constant communication and stimulation, it becomes difficult to pause and refocus on the majesty of God as our Creator King. Over the past month, I have begun to spend more time outdoors. As a result, I have slowly realized the extent to which I regularly neglect to appreciate God’s greatness in our physical world, instead choosing other distractions to fill my time.

Psalm 8 is written as a hymn of praise fully focused on God’s majesty and the beauty of His relationship with man. Verses 3-4 beg the question, with all of the detail put into the creation of the universe, how is it that God would care for mere men, even tasking us with the care of His other creations? 

3 When I look at your heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon and the stars, which you have set in place,
4 what is man that you are mindful of him, and the son of man the you care for him?

Take a minute and read that again, then let it sink in. God is greater than our minds can ever fully comprehend, and yet He is “mindful” of man. When I think of being mindful of someone, I picture investment, not passively thinking about someone, but truly becoming invested in their life. With so many things pulling for our attention in this world, it’s difficult for us to be fully mindful at times. However, God, the ruler and creator of all things, is truly mindful of us. He genuinely cares for us and provides for us. He desires a relationship with us as His image bearers. 

This itself stops me in my tracks and leaves me almost speechless as I realize the gravity and magnificence of the grace and mercy he bestows on me. There is nothing that I have done to deserve His attention, and there is nothing that I have done to deserve His love and care. So I leave you with this encouragement: take time to reflect on God’s majesty and glorious creation. Reflect on the care He has for you. Seek to glorify our great God in all that you do, from the words of your mouth to the places you tread. Lastly, praise Him with exuberance for He is worthy! 

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