Psalm 100

It seems like one thing that comes easy for people is complaining. We complain about the weather being too cold, but then it’s too hot. We complain that we are getting too much rain, then complain because we are not getting enough rain. We complain that the drive-thru is not fast enough. We complain that politicians don’t seem to really care about their constituents. We complain because our boss is mean. We complain because we don’t get enough pay. We complain because the grocery store didn’t get our pickup order right…I think you get the point. Complaining is something that comes easy. That is probably why we are continually told in scripture to give thanks. Psalm 100 is titled a Psalm for giving thanks and it is a Psalm worth giving some time to. In it we can find some direction for giving thanks to the Lord. We thank the Lord by making a joyful noise (no need to be on key), we thank the Lord by serving him with gladness (attitude does make a difference to God), and by coming into his presence with singing (no doubt music is a gift from God). If you think you don’t have a reason to thank the Lord, this Psalm gives all the reason you need. He deserves praise simply because He is God and that He has made us. No more reason is needed. However, verse 5 reminds us that we have something extra special to give God thanks for. What is that? Let the scripture speak for itself. Psalm 100:5 “For the LORD is good; his steadfast love endures forever, and his faithfulness to all generations.” Take some time to read the five verses of Psalm 100 and then spend time giving thanks to the Lord. My guess is if you will take time to be thankful, then you will find many things for which to thank God.

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