Joshua 23-24

Read Joshua 23-24

How did God plan to fix what sin broke? That’s the big picture question our kids at church have been chewing on for the past six weeks as we’ve been studying the history of the Israelites following Joshua’s death. As we look at these final chapters of Joshua’s life we see him pull the people together, reminding them of the grace and justice of God. He challenged them to live for Him alone and to make a decision as to who they would serve. Joshua was clear with the people that the decision they made was not one to be made lightly. He made his decision first, openly telling the people that he and his family would serve the one true God. He grasped the gravity of this choice. He also grasped the cycle of sin in which the people were prone to live. He challenged them in his last days to not fall back into their disobedient ways leading to destruction but to follow God with the level of devotion He requires, renewing the covenant God had made with His people.

Before God created the world, He planned to send the Messiah to save sinners. This is the answer to the question our kids have been ruminating in. They’ve been growing to understand what it means to follow the Messiah. Wrestling with the weight of that decision and the implications of stepping aside as boss and seeking Jesus to be the leader of one’s life. The reality that with that decision, life doesn’t magically become perfect, there will be trials. And yet God has had a beautiful redemption plan from the beginning of time. Not a plan that was without sacrifice and pain but rather was centered on the greatest sacrifice of all. So even as we face the struggles of living in a world broken with sin, we can rest in the peace that comes in knowing God’s plan is perfect. As Joshua challenged the Israelites, let’s also be challenged. Take time to remember who God is, remember the ultimate sacrifice, remember the new covenant, and remember the magnitude of living for God. Our kids have been challenged lately in these same ways; if you have one at home, start a conversation and marinate in the gospel together.

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